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Infant and Child Development Center

Early development shapes a lifetime

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Our Mission

What do babies think? How do infants learn language? What do young children know about the world around them?

We blend creative research designs to understand how language and cognition unfold in the first years of life, across the world’s communities. By focusing on dynamic interactions between nature and nurture, we gain insight into the infant and child mind. At ICDC, we align discovery in basic developmental science with the very real developmental challenges facing young children.

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Contribute to ICDC

Contribute to ICDC

Your contribution will support our ongoing research to discover how language and cognition unfold across development, across languages and across cultures. This will support our outreach to engage infants and young children from diverse backgrounds, to develop cutting-edge tools to study the infant mind, and to train a new generation of researchers who are prepared to address pressing parental, educational and policy concerns related to how early development shapes a lifetime.

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ICDC Affiliates

The Infant and Child Development Center is affiliated with the following institutions:

Institute for Innovations in Developmental Sciences (DevSci)

Institute for Policy Research (IPR)

ICDC Affiliates