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Center Director

Sandra Waxman, PhD.

Waxman is the Louis W. Menk Chair in Psychology, a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for Policy Research, and a founder of Innovations in Developmental Science at Northwestern University. Waxman adopts a developmental, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural approach to identify what cognitive and linguistic capacities are available to infants and young children from the very start, and how these are shaped by their experience. Her work serves as a springboard for promoting positive developmental outcomes in all children.
Dr. Waxman is the recipient of awards from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Cattell Foundation and federal funding agencies (NIH; NSF). She is founding co-editor of the Annual Review of Developmental Science. Committed to sharing developmental science with policy-makers and the public, she is also a member of the steering committee of the Society of Research in Child Development’s Social Policy Report. Her work appears in numerous scientific journals and the media.

Faculty Profile

Professor Waxman plans to accept an incoming PhD student for Fall 2019. Apply through the Northwestern TGS website.


Jennie Woodring

Jennie Woodring, Research Coordinator

Murielle Standley

Murielle Standley, Lab Coordinator

Nonye Ogbuefi

Nonye Ogbuefi, Assistant Lab Coordinator

Postdocs and Graduate Students

Miriam Novack

Miriam Novack, Postdoc

Danielle Perszyk

Danielle Perszyk, Postdoc

Sandy LaTourrette

Sandy LaTourrette, PhD Student

Kali Woodruff Carr

Kali Woodruff Carr, Research Specialist

Research Assistants

Caitlin Draper

Caitlin Draper

Yari Gallegos

Yari Gallegos - Head RA

Courtney Goldenberg

Courtney Goldenberg

Rachel Kritzig

Rachel Kritzig

Rachel is a third year studying psychology, global health, and creative writing. She hopes to one day go into clinical psychology, with an emphasis on working with children. Outside of studying and working at the ICDC, Rachel is involved with tutoring and mentoring. Next year, she will complete an honors thesis within the research center!

Patrick Lin

Patrick Lin

Mary Okematti

Mary Okematti

Judith Roeder

Judith Roeder